Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Greetings FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Teams:
A few items for you.

Photos - Some of you are requesting photos for year end projects - Recently ORTOP set up a easy to use photo sharing site. This should help our abilities to allow you to contribute photos from events and see/download photos from events.  We have folders for FTC Super-Qualifiers and FTC State Championship. For next season will set up folders for each league and tournaments.
Here is what we have so far. If you have photos to ADD to the folders, please do so.

Directions for adding photos to the folder

  • Click on link for the folder link
  • Click the  + Add More Photos button in the upper right corner
  • Create an account if requested - Name, email, password
  • Upload photos from your computer clicking the +Click here to choose photos OR drag photos onto the page.
  • Note: it does not work to drag from Google Photos (the cloud) to the page. It seems to work to drag photos saved on computer.  You can select all and drag all photos to the Yogile page and upload.
FIRST Tech Challenge - Evolution in Control System - REV ROBOTICS
While I was in Houston, I spent time at the REV Robotics vendor booth and the FIRST Tech Challenge Rev Robotics info booth staffed by FTC Staff.
I think almost all of our FTC World Championship Mentors went to the booths and asked lots of questions.  I am gathering their technical reactions to the product.  We all know I'm not the most technical person in the organization. That's why I rely on our mentors to help.
Here are some photos I took at the booths
What I do know:

  • Switching to REV Robotics HUB is completely voluntary. Teams can continue to use all Modern Robotics modules in 2017-2018 as they did in previous season. 
  • the REV Robotics Expansion HUB will cost $130 each and the Cable Conversion Kit will be $20 for attaching AndyMark Motors, your batteries, etc .
  • Teams will be limited to purchasing one expansion HUB through the FIRST Storefront when it opens in early May after paying your 2017-2018 FTC National Registration fee.
  • Additional REV Robotics Expansion HUBs can be purchased through Rev Robotics and they are going to set up a code for FTC so that you can purchase it at the same price as the storefront. 
What I like about it:

  • is the reduction in USB ports. It seems the cables will fit into the REV Robotics ports snug and tight reducing the probability of disconnecting.
  • the smaller size allows more room inside the robot for more stuff
  • the price
  • the REV Robotics people. Gregg Needel, CEO is a straight forward guy who is willing to stand behind his product and understand what good customer service is about. He also has personally mentored FTC Teams. A long time FIRST friend of mine has given me her highest recommendation for him.
What I don't know, kinda know:

  •   It appears that for a competitive FTC robot it will be necessary to have two REV Robotics Expansion HUBs linked together (photos I took at the booths). Some smaller less sophisticated robots might be able to use only one hub. FTC HQ gave two units to #6220 a FTC West team that did not advance to World and asked them to use the REV Robotics Hubs. They needed two HUBS to make their robot work. The team members told me they liked the way it worked.
Finally, a good time was had by all who competed, volunteered or attended the FIRST World Championship -HOUSTON - click link for photos.
Briefly, a list of Championship awards.

  • Compass Award for excellence in coaching/mentoring: Krishnan Duraiswami;  nominated by Team 4855, Batteries In Black, from Portland.
  • Division Finalists Alliance – Jemison Division: Team 7013 - Hot Wired, Portland; Team 8045 - Gromit's Grommets, Pleasant Hill; and Team 5220 - RoboKnights, Fremont, California.
  • Control Award Winner - Team 8045 - Gromit's Grommets, Pleasant Hill.
  • Motivate Award Finalist - Team 8176 - Steelhead, Hood River. 
  • Rockwell Collins Innovate Finalists - Team 7013, Hot Wired, Portland, and Team 10060 - Klamath Coyotes, Klamath Falls.
  • Competing Teams
    • 3525 - Dynamite Robotics - Banks
    • 4885 - Batteries in Black - Portland
    • 7013 - Hot Wired Robotics - Portland
    • 750 - Gears in Motion - Tigard
    • 7750 - Mechanical Maniacs - Sutherlin
    • 8045 - Gromit's Grommets - Pleasant Hill
    • 8176 - Steelhead - Hood River
    • 9769 - Total Chaos - Portland
    • 10060 - Klamath Coyotes - Klamath Falls
  • FIRST Dean’s List Winner - Gokul Kolady, Team 7013 - Hot Wired, Portland.
  • FIRST Dean’s List Finalists 
    • Elizabeth Bailey, from Team 8176 - Steelhead, Hood River.
    • Margaux Quady, of Team 8372 - TNT, Medford.
      • Margaux also introduced the FIRST Tech Challenge program and its Director Ken Johnson during the Saturday evening Finale at Minute Maid Field
    • Tyler Walker, of Team 4097 - PacBots, Tigard.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!It's FIRST Tech Challenge  Oregon Qualifying Tournament Month

Let's get ready! 
1) Pre-Tournament Information Form2) Being STIMS Ready!3) Short list for Tournament Prep 4) Timeline for a Qualifying Tournament 

#1 - 64 of 201 teams have completed the pre-tournament form. This form is needed for the Velocity Vortex commemorative team pin order and information for grants. REQUIRED PRE-TOURNAMENT INFORMATION FORM - DUE JANUARY 9
In the ORTOP office we are gearing up and preparing tournament materials.
Before we can do that, we need information from EVERY TEAM's MENTOR.  COMPLETE ON ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE BY JANUARY 9! to receive your pins.    This is a hard and fast deadline.

Two easy steps to completion 
1) Preview the questions on the worksheet for your own use.Worksheet here -  Do not fill out the worksheet and send it to me. I need the data from the ONLINE FORM. 
2) Enter your information into the ONLINE FORM and click Submit.  

#2 - Be STIMS ready! Student Team Information Management 
What is this? For League Teams, this is the same thing you've been doing all season. For Non-League Teams, please read carefully. 

  • STIMS is the electronic team member registration option. 
  • The team mentor must present at Tournament Team Check-in the printed STIMS roster along with any paper Youth Team Member Application forms stapled to the back. This is required for each and every event. 
  • Parents/Guardians have the option of completing an online registration/FIRST Consent and Release Form with the information appearing on the STIMS roster or turning in a paper form if they do not have access to a computer or prefer the paper form. Paper forms must be stapled to the back
  • Paperwork and Consent Form - Spanish version
  • ORTOP does not have access to any of the online STIMS information. If you don't bring your STIMS roster we can't allow you to participate in the tournament.  Issues with printing? Contact Cathy Swider.
#3 -  Work on being ready for the tournament - See Dec 22 Blog for detailed list of resources and judge session advice 
Here is my top recommended activities for preparing for the Qualifying Tournament
  1. Review the Engineering Notebook against the requirements; spiff it up if needed. 
  2.  With a critical eye, inspect the robot with the Robot Inspection and Field Inspection Sheets going line by line.
  3. Review the Game Manuals so that you know the Game Rules and the Tournament Guidelines for being Gracious Professionals. 
  4. Practice driving the robot.
  5.  Have a plan for scouting other teams 
  6. Make checklists so that you don't forget stuff; equipment lists and standard operating procedures.

#4  Schedule of ALL Qualifying Tournaments - Dates/Locations for Qualifying Tournaments 
  • 7:45 am - 8:15 am - Team Check in 
  • 8:20 - 8:30 am - Announcements to Teams 
  • 8:30 - ~11:15 am - Panel Judge Session and Inspections/ Practice Field Open 
  • 11:15 - 11:45 am - Lunch Break
  • 11:45 - noon - Drivers' Meeting 
  • 12:00 - 12:15 pm - Opening Ceremonies
  • 12:15 - 2:45 pm  - Qualifying Matches (each team plays 5 matches of 2.5 minutes) 
  • 3:00 - 3:15 pm - Alliance Selection Ceremony 
  • 3:15 - 4:15 pm - Elimination Rounds
  • 4:30 pm - Awards Ceremony 
  • 5:00 pm Load Out 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Season's Greetings FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon teams!

We hope all of you are enjoy a relaxing winter holiday.

FTC Oregon Qualifying Tournament Season 

We are days away from an exciting qualifying events season. FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon has 7 League Qualifying Tournaments and 3 Non-League Qualifying Tournaments scheduled to take place. 

In the ORTOP office we are gearing up and preparing tournament materials. Before we can do that, we need information from EVERY TEAM's MENTOR.  PLEASE COMPLETE ON ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE BY JANUARY 9!   This is a hard and fast deadline. 

Two easy steps to completion 
1) Preview the questions on the worksheet for your own use.Click here -  Do not fill out the worksheet and send it to me. I need the data from the ONLINE FORM 
2) Enter your information into the ONLINE FORM and click Submit  

WHY ? 

  • TEAM NAMES: Make sure team names and other info is correct in the printed tournament programs/scoring system.  If you sent me an email  about a name change - doesn't count, fill out the online form.
  • HOW MANY TEAM MEMBERS: We need to have a correct count of team members so that each team member receives a commemorative Velocity Vortex collector pin. 
  • GRANT REPORTING: Additional demographic and other information for our grant reports. It goes without saying we need the support of sponsors and grants to make this possible. 
  • Remember this? Every mentor agreed to this when applying for a League or Non-League tournament. "Yes, I acknowledge that instead of collecting demographic information this early in the season, my team will complete brief questionnaire in December to confirm the number of students on the team (for Velocity Vortex pin ordering), and statistics necessary for grant reports. Complying by answering the December questionnaire will hold our slot in our assigned league or  non-league qualifying tournament."

Rescheduled FTC Oregon League Meets 
Before we can hold the Qualifiers, we need to finish up the League Meet season. Due to inclement weather, we were forced to postpone five league events.

  • Central Oregon League- Summit HS - Thursday, Jan 12
  • Mid-Columbia League - WAAAM - Thursday, Jan 12
  • Portland League - Madison HS - Friday, Jan 6
  • Capitol League - Sprague HS - Saturday, Jan 7 
  • Beaverton League - Conestoga Park & Rec - Saturday, Jan 7
  • Hillsboro League - Hillsboro HS - Saturday, Jan 7 (double league meet #2 & #3) 

TIPS for Preparing for your Qualifying Tournament 

  • Review Game Manuals, the Forum and other resource reference materials
  • Robot Building Resources  
  • Specifically  - Go through the Inspection Checklists - line by line by line. 
  • Programming Resources 
  • Engineering Notebook and Preparing for Competition 
  • FIRST Tech Challenge  YouTube Channel - Resources, Tutorials, Help videos 
  • Oregon reigning FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship Inspire Award Winner - Hot Wired Robotics - 7013 has excellent practical help videos on their YouTube Channel. 
  • YouTube - Southern Oregon Area Robotics Summer Workshop Videos 
  • If you think it would be beneficial to understand how Judges, Referees and Inspectors are trained? You can! All FTC Volunteer Manuals are public. These are a great resource for preparing to be successful. 
  • Finally, food for thought about your Judging Session. Over the years, experienced FIRST Tech Challenge teams have evolved how they handle their 10-minute judging session. 
    • Successful teams walk into the room prepared to speak about how their team has best met the FIRST Tech Challenge awards criteria by adopting a presentation style for their judging session. There is nothing in the Game Manual that prohibits this. 
    • This means the team walks in, introduces themselves and begins to tell the judges about their design, build, programming, accomplishments and challenges of their robot season. 
    • Highlights what should be of most interest to the judges in their Engineering Notebook.
    • Talks about their team experiences in connecting with their mentors and others in their community and how they motivated themselves and others. 
    • The team should be prepared to pause and allow the judges to ask questions if interrupted. This differs from the FIRST LEGO League judging presentation experiences.  
    • Your prepared material not take up the full 10 minutes. It is important to allow time for the judges to ask their questions. 
    • This style of judging session helps the judges to make the most of the session and ask probing questions specific to your team. 
    • Helpful hints: All team members should vocally participate in the presentation in someway. It is ok to have boards and other media to support your interview. 
    • Teams should practice what they want to communicate and practice answering possible questions prior to the event.  
    • Remember, this is your most important shot at gaining the attention of the judges. 
FINALLY! - Some holiday cheer! Let's ring in the New Year with #7187 - Team Axis 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Good question. Easy answer.  CLICK HERE - COLUMN O
Full schedule and event results  -
Links to League Meet #2 is not yet up but if you click the link you should find the folders.
Good Luck to the SOAR and MidWestern Leagues holding double League Meet #2 and #3 tomorrow, Dec. 10.

Inclement Weather
Our recent dose of inclement weather is a good reminder to refresh our memories as to the ORTOP Inclement Weather Policy.

ORTOP Inclement Weather and Event Cancellation Policy
The safety of the team members and our volunteers is the most important consideration. ORTOP uses that consideration to guide all decisions when deciding to cancel or delay an event.
Oregon's FIRST  Tech Challenge Affiliate Partners will cancel or delay an event using information from the US Weather Bureau to help us forecast if it would be safe for a majority of the teams/volunteers to travel to and from the event. If the site host closes their facility because of weather, health and emergency related reasons, the event will be canceled.
Coaches and parents must always assess their own travel route for safety and make their own decision to travel. Keep it in perspective. The safety of the kids is the most important consideration. Official information site for tournament cancellations or delays .
In addition, ORTOP and Tournament Directors will email to both the primary and emergency contact email addresses with notification or updates.
The third method of contact is by phone using the emergency phone number provided by the coach.
If any of this information has changed since October, please update your Tournament Director and Cathy Swider.

Please note: If events need to be cancelled and it is impossible to reschedule, ORTOP will rely on a lottery system for advancement if appropriate.


Payments for League Meets/League QT and Non-League QTs
We still have about 30 teams who have not yet paid for either the League Meets/League QT or the Non-League QT.
In the past some teams have waited until the week of the event to decide if they are ready to go and then pay. This behavior is not working for us because we have already spent staff time and money to prepare events and support teams regardless of their participation.
PLEASE NOTE: ALL TEAMS MUST BE FULLY PAID FOR THEIR EVENT BY DECEMBER 31st. Teams not paid by that time will be dropped from the League QT or Non-League QT to which they have tentatively been assigned. 

Did ORTOP receive your event fee payment? 
We have not been able to account for payments received Dec 7 & 8 due to the weather.
click here to find out! 

Resources for App Inventor

Is your team using App Inventor to program its robot?  If so, you should know about the App Inventor resources page we've set up. You'll find it at

If you scroll to the bottom you'll find links to a set of YouTube videos produced here in Oregon and used by teams around the country.  The videos including tutorials on how to use motor encoders, color sensors and your robot's phone camera to navigate the Velocity Vortex field during the Autonomous Period

World of Speed - FTC/FRC Team Social Event is STILL ON for tonight - Friday, Dec 9.  
If you ordered tickets please read....

We recognize that the snow and ice in the Portland/Metro area has been thawing slower than expected.  However, the weather forecast predicts that the Metro area will be warmer this afternoon and it looks like most freeways will be back to normal by this afternoon.  We plan to hold our social event at World of Speed tonight as planned from 6-11pm.   If that changes for some reason, we will send you another message.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you assess your own travel route for safety and attend the event only if you are sure that it safe to do so.  The safety of our students, parents, coaches and mentors is the most important consideration.

We look forward to seeing those of you can attend tonight!

FIRST Oregon Night at the Winterhawks Hockey Game on December 28th.
Winterhawks Hockey ticket vouchers
Order your Ticket Vouchers HERE

Ticket vouchers are available for students and their families to attend the Winterhawks' game on Wednesday, December 28th at 7pm at Veteran Memorial Coliseum. Vouchers may be redeemed for game tickets at the Memorial Coliseum, 300 North Winning Way, in Portland. The ticket office is open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm. The office will be closed December 19th thru December 26th. 
Vouchers will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Monday, November 21, 2016

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon:

We had a very nice official start to the FIRST Tech Challenge League Meet Season this past week.  Our thanks to our Volunteers and Mentors for making it happen.

 Although the points and the rankings only tell part of the story, we have posted them for you to see. I know some teams are looking forward to begin data crunching for competitive analysis scouting.  This is why I have included non-league teams on this email. Non-League teams will competing with League teams in the Super-Qualifiers.

ORTOP is posting the results in Google Sheets linked to the ORTOP website

  • There is an Overview - Top Scores from individual matches, #1 Ranked team from each League and Cumulative Rankings for each individual League.
  • There are also separate League folders with Rosters, Matches and League Rankings
  • Be sure to look at the tabs at the bottom of each sheet.
Making  Sense of Ranking Sheets
For more information about Qualifying Points and Ranking Points - Go to FTC Game Manual 1 - Pages 10 & 17. 
League Teams carry forward their best 10 of 15 matches (5 per meet)  to the League Qualifying Tournament.   The 10 best matches establishes the team's  League Ranking at the beginning of the League QT.  Best matches are those with wins, followed by those with ties, followed by losses and their corresponding ranking points. The 5 matches played at the League QT are added to the League Ranking.

It is important for League teams to participate in as many League Meets as possible to accumulate Quality Points and Ranking Points.

How do you find the Results? EASY! Go to the ORTOP webpage for FIRST Tech Challenge -   ----- In the right column is the Results link.

Our wishes for a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!

Cathy Swider 

Friday, November 18, 2016

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon - What you should know! 

Important Game Ruling concerning the contact with the Beacons 
There is a nationwide issue with beacon damage. There are several issues involved. FTC Oregon is working with our FTAs and League Managers to fix this issue.  Here are some insights.

  • We realize that the stability of the beacon attachment on IFI fields is less stable than on the newer  AndyMark fields. 
  • ORTOP has requested FIRST to provide an official solution to stabilization of the Beacons on IFI Fields (90% of Oregon League use IFI fields). Prior to that some League Managers have found temporary solutions to this issue to increase stability. 
  • IMPORTANT GAME RULLING: A note from the Game Design Committee (GDC): Aggressive Beacon Contact and <G15> Field Damage. Find it in the Miscellaneous Answers section of the FTC Forum
    "We are hearing reports of teams driving their robots aggressively and repeatedly making very hard contact on the Beacons and the walls adjacent to the Beacons.
     Aggressive contact that causes significant flexing of the walls or moves/dislodges a Beacon will be considered field damage and penalized according to <G15>. Teams should expect to receive warnings and may receive Major Penalties and a Yellow Card for excessive or chronic aggressive Beacon contacts."
  • Oregon FTC Referees will provide warnings to the teams about aggressive Beacon play and encourage them to come up with better engineered solutions.  
  • This ruling is the primary strategy being adopted by FIRST to avoiding damage to the beacons. 

Game Footage from FTC Minnesota QT  last week. 
Take a look at what some other teams are doing 

 FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Event Payments may only think you've paid this.... please read

We have 62 teams that have not yet paid their for the events.  All payments were due on November 15 for everyone. Please pay if you haven't done so, or communicate to Cathy Swider why not.
 Check this list to see if we have received your ORTOP EVENT payment. 

For new coaches/mentors - There seems to be some confusion about National Registration paid to Pitsco (and ultimately to FIRST in Manchester, NH) and the Event Fee charged by Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program (ORTOP). These are two separate fees. National registration of $275 does not cover paying for anything related to the league meets or tournaments you attend. All of that money stays in New Hampshire.   ORTOP must charge their own event fee to pay expenses for those events and to support the FTC program in Oregon. There is a sliding scale for payments to accommodate team needs.
Full explanation of ORTOP Event Fee Structure.  

Non League Qualifying Tournament payments 
Online Credit Card Payments 

FIRST Tech Challenge Dean's List - detailed information 
This is a fabulous opportunity for FTC Sophomores and Juniors. Important note - for Oregon, all FIRST Tech Challenge Dean's List nominations must be submitted by December 15th. All nominations must meet all requirements and procedures. This award is primarily managed by the national FIRST organization and as the Affiliate Partner I have no authority to grant extensions. Nominations must be submitted on time and correctly. Read the guidelines carefully. Oregon will select four FTC Dean's List Finalists who will be invited for Dean's List Finalist activities at  FTC World Championship in Houston.
Congratulations to last season's national Dean's List Winner - 
Anshuman Radhakrishnan | Team 4855 | Batteries in Black | Portland, OR

Resources for your teams! 
Have you been making use of the following resources? Click on the links and see where it takes you.  - look in the right column for all the important current links.
 Programming -

 This is an awesome resource  -
Know what the volunteers know!

FTC Oregon EVENT Results Page - link on
Our FTC Oregon season is underway! Time for the scouting to begin. All event results will be posted by Monday following the events. By clicking the dates you can see the Team Roster, Matches, Rankings, Top Scores, etc. 

On the Spot Reporters - This Week in FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon    
This season you'll be seeing FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon "On the Spot" Reporters at our events. They will be filming video and doing interviews with team members, mentors and volunteers. Their work will be featured in a web broadcast  - This Week in FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon - streamed on our Oregon FTC Facebook page on November 23, Dec 7, Dec 21 & March 1.  Leaderboards, highlight reel, interviews and updates from key volunteers. We are still looking for team member -  On the Spot Reporters for Leagues - Portland, Capitol, Mid-Western, Columbia Basin. Contact our VISTA - Keala Cottrell -

FIRST Tech Challenge/ FIRST Robotics Competition Team Social
There are plenty of tickets remaining for the first annual FTC/FRC Team Social scheduled for December 9th at World of Speed in Wilsonville (not Tigard) . Information Flyer    Online Ticket Order - free tickets 

And don't forget your Safety Glasses and STIMS Roster!
And check TripCheck before you go if the weather looks iffy. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Note: Links appear in both gray and dark orange.

Dear FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Teams:

A few items for you today.

FIRST Tech Challenge/ FIRST Robotics Competition Team Social - December 9th
December 9th, Team Social from 6-11pm.  ORTOP is hosting the 1st ever team social for Oregon FTC/FRC teams at World of Speed in Tigard, Oregon!  There is no charge for this event, however, in the spirit of Gracious Professionalism please do not print a ticket unless you intend to use it.  We are limiting this event to the first 300 participants. Information Flyer

FTC Oregon League Meet Zero went very well for our 11 Leagues and 133 teams. Our thanks to the League Managers and volunteers for staging the events.   A large majority of the teams had running robots capable of moving and scoring at least one task. Beacons were a very popular task to try. Reports have surfaced that teams were helping each other solve issues. At the MidWestern League,  team representatives offered Tips and Tricks they learned from reading the FIRST Tech Challenge FORUM.  League Meet #1 begins the week of November 14th.  Non- League teams are invited to attend League Meets to watch the action. 

HEADS UP for League Teams 
#1 - Be sure to sure every team member, mentor and guests invited into your pit have SAFETY GLASSES. Please note that regular Rx glasses are NOT safety glasses. However, regular glasses with shatterproof lenses can be adapted to safety glasses by adding side shields, like this.
#2 - At every meet and tournament, the mentor MUST present the STIMS Roster listing the mentors and team members who have electronically submitted a FIRST Consent and Release Form AND handwritten listing of team members who have submitted paper version of the Youth Registration form.  Many of you have reported issues that our team parents have experienced in signing up their child to your teams.  I hope this this help document will help mentors assist their parents through the process. 

I hope this will clear it up for you.  This is a Google Sheet with several tabs.

  • Tab #1: All FTC Oregon Team List - with national payment, ORTOP event payment information and more
  • Tab #2: League Assignments BY League
  • Tab #3: League Assignments sorted by TEAM #
  • Tab #4: NonLeague QT Assignments sorted BY EVENT
  • Tab #5: NonLeauge QT Assignments sorted by TEAM #
  • Tab #6: Non-participating teams from prior years

Great question. We finally sorted all that out this week. Here is the list of all League and Non-League Qualifying Tournaments.

LGE-QT-MidColumbia1/21/2016Hood River Valley HS15
InterLeagueLGE-QT-ColumbiaBasin A & B1/21/2017Pendleton Convention Center26
Fremont MS, Roseburg


LGE-QT-CentralOregon1/21/2017Summit HS, Bend 10
InterLeague LGE-QT-AB- Hillsboro1/21/2017Hillsboro HS24

Hood River QT - nonleague1/22/2017Hood River Valley HS22

LGE-QT-Capitol1/28/2017Sprague HS11

OSU QT - nonleague1/28/2017Kelley Engineering Ctr, OSU, Corvallis24

OSU QT - nonleague1/29/2017Kelley Engineering Ctr, OSU, Corvallis24
Madison HS, Portland


Again, great question because League Meet/League QT payments were due on October 31 with an extension to November 7.  Non-League QT payments are due November 15.  CLICK HERE to see if we have received your credit card, check or Purchase Order.

For those of you with NO in red, our records indicate no payment received as of November 8th at 11:00 am.  Please find the time to make a payments as soon as possible. This season we do have a sliding scale for event payments. If your team cannot afford to pay the higher requested amount, you can pay last year's cost and click a reason box. All reasons will be accepted.

For full explanation of this year's tournament fee policy - please click here. 

LEAGUE PAYMENT - includes League Meets and League Qualifying Tournament in one payment
Forms allow you to pay for multiple teams in one form 

NON-LEAGUE PAYMENT - payment of a non-league Qualifying Tournament 
Forms allow you to pay for multiple teams in one form 

FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship Waitlist
If you don't know about it, read about it here