Sunday, October 15, 2017

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Community:
Just a friendly reminder, deadline to sign-up for League is Monday, October 16 at 11:59 pm. 
Q: What about NON-LEAGUE QUALIFYING TOURNAMENTS ? You promised to open sign-ups  on Friday, Oct 13th? 
A: True. My apologies. I'm still waiting on Oregon State University to confirm the dates. I know it will be either Jan 20/21 or Jan 27/28.  There will be a 3rd Non-League QT as well. Having locations and dates are very important. I have forecast the need for 3 non-league tournaments counting on about 140  teams signing up for leagues.  I will open Non-League Sign ups on Tuesday, October 17 at 3pm , with or without confirmed dates from OSU. No worries, there will be non-league tournaments.
Q: I don't really know the difference between League and Non-League. What is the difference?
  • A:  League teams participate in casual but official 3 short meet events in November and December, play 5 matches at each event, have the benefit of support from other teams and mentors, and try out their designs in real competition. Teams start with basic designs that evolve other the course of season.  League teams compete in a League Qualifying Tournament in January  It supports iterative design and keeps a teams moving and developing their robot.
  •  A Non-League team conducts team meetings in the fall on their own to develop their robot and competes in one Non-League Qualifying Tournament in January.  
  • Both League and Non-League teams advance to Super-Qualifier Weekend and the State Championship. 

Q: Why do we have to sign up for a League when the team is already nationally registered? 
A: Where your team is going to compete at an event in Oregon was never asked on the national registration form. And I can't assume or guess where your team wants to compete or if your team wants to be part of a league or go the non-league route. I have almost 200 teams to sort and I need your information. If your national registration is in progress but not complete, go ahead and sign up for a League if that is your preference.

Q: Why else do I need to submit the information to you? If our team is in [insert city] can't you just assume we'll be in [insert league]?
A: No, I can't assume that. And I need to know your team's preferred name, how many kids are on the team so I can order pins, and a lot of other information necessary to prepare materials for the league meets. We are handing out League Crates at volunteer training on Oct 21. That is not much time to prep. 

Q: How do I know if I've submitted a League event form to tell you we want to be in League? 
A: Right now only the League Sign-up is available and it is closing tomorrow. 
You can check this list to find out if your team has already submitted a form. 

Q: Which Leagues still have room? A: Here is the League Schedule.
  • Rose City at Madison HS in Portland needs one more team to BE a League and room for 5 more teams 
  • Capitol League in Salem needs one more team to BE a League and has room for 5 more teams. 
  • Central Oregon League has 6 sign-ups and has room for 6 more teams. 
  • Columbia Basin League - Pendleton -  -has 6 sign-ups and room for 18 more teams 
  • Mid-Columbia -Hood River - has 7 sign-ups and room for 9 more teams. 
  • Mid-Western -JunctionCity - has 8 sign-ups and room for 4 more teams.
  • SiliconForest -Hilsboro - has 22 sign-ups and room for 2 more teams. 
  • SOAR - Roseburg - has 20 sign-ups and will make room for 6 more teams. 
  • Tualatin Valley - Tigard - has 14 sign-ups and is CLOSED. 

Q: Okay, I checked the list and we're not on it and we want to be part of a league? What do I do now?  
  • Look at the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon League Schedule 
  • Read through the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Sign-up worksheet to know what is asked, prep your answers and know what your options are.  
  • After preparing, go online and submit an online FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon LEAGUE Sign-up for your team.
    • ONE TEAM = ONE SIGN-UP FORM. The form is not designed for multiple teams. Submit one form per team
  • Pay for your League Membership  —  includes League Meets & League Qualifying Tournament
ONLINE SIGN-UP FOR LEAGUES ENDS ON Monday, OCTOBER 16th at 11:59 pm, but you have until Oct. 31 to pay. 

Thank you for your cooperation in moving event registration forward. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hello FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon!

#1 - National Registration
#2- League Sign-up/Non-League Signup
#3-Benson BotFest Signup 

We are about one month out from kickoff! Time to get all of the paperwork (or online submissions in line) and move on to dedicated business of building robots!

Here is your checklist!
#1 - Are you Nationally Registered and Paid?  Here is a list to check - there is a 48 hour delay from the time you pay and the time it shows up on my list. There are 171 teams on the list, I'm expecting a total of about 186. 
     Not on the list?  Either you are not registered, or you haven't updated your team profile for 2017 or you are a new team who has not gone into the FIRST Storefront to complete your national registration 
#2 - Have you registered yet for a League?  I'm expecting about 130 teams to be registered for leagues but as of today only 62 teams have sign up for Leagues as of today. [insert puzzling gif here] 
Here is the list to check if your online league sign up was received. 
Not on the list, and want to be part of a league? 
 Don't delay, sign up today. Payments are not due until the end of the month but League Sign-up is supposed to end on Monday, October 16th. 

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon League Sign-up Procedure 
NON-LEAGUE Team Event Sign-up will open on Friday, October 13th at 3pm. I'm still waiting to hear from Oregon State University Robotics Club on dates. And we are close to confirming a 3rd Non-League QT. 
BENSON BotFest 2017
Our annual workshop for rookie team members (rookies on veteran teams are welcomed) held at Benson High School in Portland on Saturday, October 21st, 9am - 2:30 pm ALL of the information, schedule, online sign-up is posted at on the ORTOP Website under Team Resources/Workshops 
If you have a question about Benson BotFest 2017- contact John DeLacy at

NEEDS for BotFest 
1) I am looking for an adult Mentor to teach the OnBot Java workshop. You should have familiarity with OnBot Java.
2) Also, looking for two more FTC Teams that have any kind of a robot to participate in the referee training scrimmage. Needs to have a 30 second autonomous program (required only to wiggle and stop at 30 seconds) and a teleop. Contact Cathy Swider if you can be there for about one hour the morning. 
3) Veteran team members to be at the Help Desk in the Cafeteria to help rookie teams with their robots. Can have more than one team to do shifts. 


Friday, October 6, 2017

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Community:

I've decided to open the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon League Sign-up today- October 6th. It will close October 16th. 

And wait to open the Non-League sign-ups until next Friday, October 13th at 3:00 pm. This is because I am waiting on dates from Oregon State University.  It will close October 31st. 

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Event Sign-up

  • Eligibility for FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Events 
    • FIRST Tech Challenge teams must meet in Oregon or Skamania/Klickitat Counties in Washington.
    • Must be a current nationally registered paid team, with two adults as primary and assistant coaches who have passed background screening
      - click here for national registration information
  • FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon teams must choose between being part of :
    • a League (League Meets with League Qualifying Tournament)
      • This includes 3 or 4 short League Meets in Nov/Dec with a culminating League Qualifying Tournament in January
    • a Non-League (attending one Non-League Qualifying Tournament)
      • Teams work on their robot in the Fall and attend one Non-League Qualifying Tournament in January
    • Both Non-League and League Teams will advance to the Super-Qualifier Weekend in February for a chance to advance to the State Championship

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon League Sign-up Procedure 
  • Look at the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon League Schedule 
  • SLOW DOWN, Read through the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Sign-up worksheet to know what is asked, prep your answers and know what your options are.  
  • After preparing, go online and submit an online FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon LEAGUE Sign-up for your team.
    • ONE TEAM = ONE SIGN-UP FORM. The form is not designed for multiple teams. Submit one form per team
  • Pay for your League Membership  ---  includes League Meets & League Qualifying Tournament
  • SIGN-UP FOR LEAGUES ENDS ON Monday, OCTOBER 16th at 11:59 pm 

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Non-League Qualifying Tournament Sign-up Procedure 
  • There will be 2 or 3 Non-League Qualifying Tournaments depending on number of registered teams. A team can compete in only one event.  There will be 2 events on a Sat/Sun at Oregon State University. Date to be announced. A 3rd event will be created if there are more teams than can be accommodated at OSU. All events will occur on January 20/21 and Jan 27/28.
  • (when released) Read through the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Sign-up document to know what is asked, prep your answers and know what your options are.  
  • (when released) After preparing, go online and submit an online FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon NON-LEAGUE Sign-up for your team.
    • ONE TEAM = ONE SIGN-UP FORM. The form is not designed for multiple teams. Submit one form per team
  • Pay for your Non-League Qualifying Tournament 
  • SIGN-UP FOR NON-League Events OPENS ON Friday, OCTOBER 13th at 3:00 pm 
  • SIGN-UP FOR Non-League Events ENDS ON Tuesday, OCTOBER 31st at 11:59 pm 
  • QUESTIONS???? - I'm here for you! Email me - I'll monitor email until 4pm and then check after I get home at 6pm (yes, I have a 2 hour commute on Friday afternoons)  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Welcome to FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon - 
This morning I added many new email addresses to our information list.

FIRST Tech Challenge OREGON - League/Non-League Sign-up

FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon had planned to launch League and Non-League Sign-up later this afternoon (10/3). Due to technical difficulties beyond my control I've been unable to access critical data from a FIRST HQ site. This is forcing me to delay the launch.  

The New Launch Date will be Friday, October 6th at 3:00 pm for both League and Non-League. 

  • League Sign-up will close on October 16th. (closes earlier because I need to prepare roster for meets) 
  • Non- League Sign-up will close on October 31st. 

 TIPS and TRICKS for a Successful Event Sign-up

  • Decide which adult on your team will be responsible for completing the online sign-up. 
  • Know your official national FIRST Tech Challenge team number, coach names and coach email addresses that match the ones on your national registration. 
  • Know your decision to go League or Non-League. 
  • Number of team members per team.  Some demographics about your team members. 
  • Which League you wish to join.  League Schedule  
    • Choices include Pendleton, Hood River, Hillsboro, Tigard, Salem, Bend Area, Junction City, Roseburg.  
    • At this time we are seeking an adult volunteer to be League Manager for the Rose City (Portland)  League. Contact Cathy Swider if you are interested. We have a NE Portland location but need a manager to go forward.  Willing to discuss options. 
    • Want to join a league but one is not close Tell us on the online sign-up and if there are enough teams expressing a similar viewpoint in that area, we may start one. 
  • If you wish to go Non- League the events/locations do not yet have specific dates. We will be at Oregon State University, which weekend is still being decided - either Jan20/21 or Jan 27/28. A third Non-League event will be added if needed. 
National Registration 
If you haven't nationally registered for this season and plan to play, this week is the time to log on and finalize your national registration for the 2017-2018 FIRST Tech Challenge season. Returning teams are required to update their national registration every season. 

LINK TO NATIONAL REGISTRATION PAGE with Registration Instructions. These instructions include how to invite coaches.
FIRST Storefront Instructions - Paying for the Registration and purchasing product in the FIRST Storefront

Robot Skills Workshop designed for newer team members 
by FTC Team #4412-Shower Handles -Sunday, October 8th - 9:00 am - noon - Hood River Valley HS

Tech Talk by FTC Team #9769 Total Chaos 
Fast Forward into the Future - October 21st - @ Puppet Labs.

BensonBot Fest - Saturday, October 21 - Benson High School, Portland - 9:00 - ~3:00 pm  
by Benson HS Robotics Club #187, #267, #4560 
Lots of workshops for Rookie Teams, League Meet Training for Volunteer.
Schedule SOON!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Update for FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon

FIRST Tech Challenge National Registration 
As of  today, September 26th, FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon has 119 registered and paid teams. There are an additional 7 teams with temporary numbers making their way through national registration.
If you have not yet registered your team, or finalized your national registration, please do so soon. It helps us plan the number of needed leagues and tournament events. Really hoping to reach 200 teams. If you need help or assistance, please do not hesitate to email me.

LINK TO NATIONAL REGISTRATION PAGE with Registration Instructions. These instructions include how to invite coaches.
FIRST Storefront Instructions - Paying for the Registration and purchasing product in the FIRST Storefront

 Youth Team Member Registration System
(formerly known as STIMS - Student Team Information Management System) 
 Youth Team Member Registration System will replace STIMS as the application FIRST uses for Coaches to issue invitations to parents of team members, to be part of the team. Parents fill out an form and electronically sign a FIRST Consent and Release Form required to participate in meets and tournaments.  The Coach will generate a Youth Team Member Roster(formerly known as STIMS Roster showing all team members) listing the team members and a checkbox showing the student's parent/guardian has electronically submitted a FIRST Consent & Release Form.
PLEASE NOTE: The Youth Team Member Registration System has not yet launched. We expect launch in early October.

SIGN UP to Join a FIRST Tech Challenge League or Non-league Qualifying Tournament
Change to Launch Date:
At kickoff I announced Sign-ups would start on October 1. I didn't realize that was a Sunday, an inconvenient day. I'm moving our launch date to Tuesday, October 3rd at 5:00 pm. 
What you need to know prior to signing-up for a league or tournament. 

  •  Your team must be nationally registered and Paid ($275) prior to signing up for an Oregon FIRST Tech Challenge League or Non-League Qualifying Tournament. 
  • You'll be asked to select your preference to Join a League or attend a  non-league qualifying tournament. It's one or the other, but not both. 
  •  The Sign-up Form is going to ask for information about your team. #of students and demographic profile. Please be prepared to answer those questions. We need it for awards ordering and grant reports. 
  •  There is a separate charge for being part of a League or competing at a Non-League Qualifying Tournament. Those payments are made to ORTOP (Oregon Robotics Tournament & Outreach Program). Please know that when you make a payment, you are helping to pay for more than just that event. Expenses for FTC Oregon include events and much more to make this happen. We have office space, storage space, insurance, staff, equipment purchases to name a few.   
  • ORTOP has a sliding payment scale for FIRST Tech Challenge events. It ranges from the Full Cost of the Program (FCP) to a minimum amount. We understand that not all teams can afford to pay the Full Cost of the Program. Assess your situation and pay what you can afford. We try to find sponsors to pay what teams cannot afford to pay. 
    • League Participation - includes all Meets and League Qualifying Tournament  
      • Full Cost of Program - $400  <---------> $200 Minimum payment 
    • Non-League Qualifying Tournament 
      • Full Cost of Program - $300  <---------> $150 Minimum payment 
    • If your team advances to the Super-Qualifier level 
      • Full Cost of Program - $400 <----------> $200 Minimum payment 
    • And if your team advances to the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Championship!!! 
      • Full Cost of Program - $500 <-----------> $250 Minimum payment 

ORTOP Team Support Award - Round One is closed. Applicants will be notified sometime on Friday, September 29th if your team(s) were or were not selected to receive an award.  
ORTOP Team Support Award - Round Two applications will be accepted until midnight Saturday, September 30th.  Click here for application information

National FTC Veteran and Rookie Grants - FIRST HQ is giving out grant credit to cover the $275 national registration. If your team has not yet paid for their $275 national registration, you are eligible to apply and receive a grant credit. Click here for more information 

BENSON BOT FEST - October 21st 

Save the Date  - Preference given to Rookie Teams for the Workshops
Volunteer Training for Head Referees, Referees, Scorekeepers, FTA, Inspectors
Time: Check-in at 9:00 am - runs to about 3:00 pm / Schedule of Event: TBA
*****Looking for 4 Veteran Teams to run a 30 second Autonomous Program into Teleop to give the Referees a chance to practice the new format change.  Autonomous does not need to accomplish much, just run for 30 seconds and shut down using the proper SDK protocol.  Email Cathy Swider to commit.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Start of a new season

Four items for you today

Resources from FIRST Relic Recovery Kickoff 
Our thanks to our teams at St. Mary's teams in Medford, Summit Robotics teams in Bend, Intel in Hillsboro for hosting FIRST Relic Recovery Kickoff events last weekend. And a thanks to and Hood River Valley HS teams for trying to host.

There was a ton of information communicated during kickoff. I have consolidated much of it on our FIRST Tech Challenge Team Resources page on www.

Major Rule Change to FIRST Tech Challenge 
This is HUGE!!
"Starting in the 2017-2018 season, there will no longer be a hard stop following the autonomous period to transition to the driver controlled period of the match."
Read all about it and watch the video.... click here 

League Meet Schedules 
Most of our Leagues have submitted a date and location schedule. We are waiting on a few more. Here is the schedule as of today.  

BENSON Bot Fest - October 21st at Benson Polytechnic HS, NE Portland
Rookie Workshop/Scrimmage  
  • For too many years to remember the FIRST Tech Challenge teams at Benson High School have hosted the Benson BotFest. This is a very valuable event for our community.   This event is for Rookie teams, rookie team members on veteran teams and rookie mentors/coaches to attend programming workshops, strategy workshops, have hands-on time with their robots and get the advice of seasoned veteran mentors/team members.  
  • Veteran team/team members wishing to mentor/lead a workshop... contact Cathy 
  • And for the 2nd year, this will be LEAGUE VOLUNTEER TRAINING and League-in-a-Crate Pickup.  We'll be holding training for Head Ref and Referees, Inspectors, FTAs and Scorekeepers. 
  • Mark your calendars - There will be on online Sign-up posted on the FTC Team Resources Page and Workshop Page early next week.  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

UPDATE  - Thursday, September 7th Hood River Kickoff - POSTPONED UNTIL A LATER DATE
Due to the increasing Eagle Creek Wildfire in the Columbia Gorge we are forced to postpone the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon - Kickoff Event at Hood River Valley High School scheduled for Saturday, September 9th.
 3 out of 5 area school districts have cancelled school and all activities due to increasing levels of hazardous air caused by smoke and evacuation notifications.  Out of concern for the safety of our team members and volunteers the event will be rescheduled for a later date.

 News for you and your team!
2) Other FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon News: $$$Team Support and Event Registration
3) FIRST Tech Challenge HQ News from Manchester, NH: Software Release and Android Control System documentation


The wait is almost over!
The 2017-2018 FIRST Tech Challenge season RELIC RECOVERY Game Animation Video and Game Manual II will be released on Saturday, September 9th at 9:00 am Pacific Time.
Doors open for Live Kickoff events in Oregon starting at 8:30 am

How you can join in on the fun!
  • Attend a live Kickoff event in Oregon (see list below) 
  • or gather your team together to watch the FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Live Stream Event  from Medford. Including Relic Recovery Game Animation Video, Game Manual II Highlight Video by FTC Oregon Championship Head Ref Aaryn Curl!  &  presentation from  Matt Heverly from NASA!  Medford will go live at 8:50 am. 
  • or distribute link information to team members to watch at their leisure 

Can't be there for the kickoff?  
If you miss the launch, no worries the Game Animation video, Championship Head Ref Aaryn Curl's Game Manual II highlight video will be available online. 

Why is this all so important?  This Saturday, September 9th  is the day the FIRST Tech Challenge community learns the specific details of the 2017-2018 annual challenge. So far teams were given access to Game Manual I (non-specific challenge rules/guidelines and a video teaser for Relic Recovery.   On Saturday, the actual game field will be revealed and the annual challenge revealed via a game animation from the FIRST HQ in Manchester, NH via YouTube and Game Manual II will be released.
Also, at the live kickoff events, several are offering workshops and presentations to help your teams get off on the right foot. We will try to make as many of these presentations available online post-kickoff. 

Medford – 8:30 am – 2:30 pm 

St. Mary’s School, 816 Black Oak Dr, Medford, OR 97504 – EVENT FLYER 

FTC Relic Recovery Kickoff at St. Mary’s School in Medford on Sept 9th: Teams will get to watch the Relic Recovery animated video, followed by Game Manual II Highlight Video by Championship Head Referee Aayrn Curl, see the arena in person, listen to Matt Heverly from the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and Mars Curiosity Rover driver talk about the methodical steps routinely used in solving an engineering challenge, brainstorm solutions in a breakout session, have lunch (yes, there are free lunches!) with other teams, and participate in practical educational sessions for old and new teams. Topics may include programming, control system, Vuforia, engineering notebook, presentations to judges, season organization, SolidWorks CAD, 3D printing, etc. Let us know if your team is interested in making a presentation. Every effort will be made to make it a worthwhile and action-packed day. Contact Kent Dauterman if you plan to come and how many are coming so that we can order the right amount of food. Just bring your positive energy and a good appetite.
Bend 8:30 am – 3:00 pm
Summit High School, 2855 NW Clearwater Dr, Bend, OR 97703

FIRST Tech Challenge – Game Animation followed by Game Manual II Highlight Video by Championship Head Referee Aayrn Curl,  game/field viewing and discussion.
FTC Blocks Programming Workshop 10 AM – 3 PM, bring your lunch,(taught by Bruce Schafer, ORTOP).
We encourage veteran FTC programming students to attend the workshop so that you will be able to help mentor rookie teams throughout the season.
If you can – bring a laptop & a basic FTC Bot for the programming workshop.
Adult mentor & coaches networking discussion on Fundraising & Team Building

Hillsboro – 8:30 am – noonIntel Jones Farm Conference Center Auditorium, 2111 Northeast 25th Street, Hillsboro, OR 97124
FIRST Tech Challenge – Game Animation followed by game/field viewing, followed Game Manual II Highlight Video by Championship Head Referee Aayrn Curl and live discussion with Championship Head Referee Aaryn Curl. Presentations include Strategic Design: How to make the most of your season, and be as effective as possible by Shishir Pandit-Rao,  Being a Rookie Team Member by Rachel Weirnick & Rispa Vranka Wafula,  Championship Field Technical Advisor Update by Dale Jordan and Krishnan Duraiswami

Hood River Valley High School, 1220 Indian Creek Rd, Hood River, OR 97031
FIRST Tech Challenge – Game Animation followed Game Manual II Highlight Video by Championship Head Referee Aayrn Curl,  by game/field viewing and discussion. Breakout sessions: How to succeed in FTC Notebook/outreach,  Intro to Block programming, Do’s and don’ts of building a FIRST Tech Challenge robot.     EVENT FLYER

Kraxberger Middle School – 17777 Webster Rd Gladstone Oregon 97027FTC Teams 8188 and 8132  is hosting a breakfast kickoff – Watch the Game Animation video, followed Game Manual II Highlight Video by Championship Head Referee Aayrn Curl and eat waffles served by the teams. Chat and brainstorm Relic Recovery strategy. Learn how Kraxberger teams fundraise via their tech recycle program.   Physical field will not be available at this site
OTHER FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon News 
  • So far 71 Oregon teams have registered for this season.  Hoping for about 140 more.  Link to National Registration  
  • Applications for ORTOP Team Support Awards for funding are still being accepted. This includes funding from the Oregon Department of Education.  
    • Applications received by September 15th will be processed as ROUND #1.  
    • Applications received after September 15 and by September 30th will be processed as ROUND #2, using any remaining funds. 
  • FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon EVENT REGISTRATION -  Teams that are nationally registered can register for:
    •  a LEAGUE October 1st  - 15th. This includes participation in 3 - 4 League Meets and one League Qualifying Tournament. 
    • a Non-League Qualifying Tournament October 1st - 30th. This includes competing at one Non-League Tournament. 
    • LINKS to Event Registration will be released via email to coaches and this blog. 
    • FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon Event Fees  - links to pay for events will open on October 1st with event registration. 

NEWS from the FIRST Tech Challenge HQ in Manchester, NH 

Scheduled Software Release
There is a scheduled release of the new FIRST Tech Challenge software, for Wednesday, September 6th.  The new release will include usability and reliability improvements for the 2017-2018 season.  Features include a new "OnBot Java" programming tool that lets kids program using Java without the need for Android Studio.  The new software will also have some enhanced Vuforia features.  Note that teams are not required to upgrade to the newest software.  Updated software will be available from Google Play and on the public GitHub Repository (
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
 Online Document for Android Control System

FIRST Tech Challenge now has an online, "evergreen" document for the FIRST Tech Challenge Android control system.  This online document is a centralized repository with up-to-date information about configuring, using, and troubleshooting the FIRST Tech Challenge Android control system.  The community can access the documentation at the following address:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _